Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

Edge on deck

DSCF8771The parts for our Ford Edge came in today. Paul trimmed out the fender and we sanded it and had time to install it today. This one will go into the paint booth in the morning.

Bug reassembly

DSCF8769 DSCF8770Today we spent a few hours getting the front of the bug back together. We started by running new lines from the resivoir to the master cylinder After that we bleed the brakes, installed the gas tank and front fenders. We then started straightening out some of the wiring. Since we didnt disassemble this car, we had to print out a wiring diagram to show us where things were supposed to go. Unfortunately we found that someone had been playing electrician in there before us so we just went ahead and straightened all of it up. We may continue with getting this back together some tomorrow if time allows.

Shiny bug

DSCF8747 DSCF8748 DSCF8750 DSCF8751 DSCF8764 DSCF8762 DSCF8767 DSCF8756 DSCF8755This Beetle has been in the shop for a couple of months to get a new lease on life. Today we made sure it looks good strolling the streets. The fenders, hood and trunk were painted yesterday as well as the prepping of the car for paint. So today we slid the car in this morning and Paul started spraying. By the end of the day, this is the results. A very nice paint job on a very popular little car.

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