Daily Archives: November 30, 2015


DSCF8773DSCF8772DSCF8778DSCF8777DSCF8774DSCF8776This Camry is in the shop to get repaired from a side swiping. Two items cannot occupy the same space. When that theory is tested with automobiles, this is the result. Luckily no one was injured but the Camry took a big hit. As you can see we are fixing the rear bumper for some minor scuffs and the left quarter for a small dent. The door will be replaced with a nice used one. We were able to repair the dents today as well as get them in primer. We also installed the new door, which luckily was the same color. We still need to paint this door because of a few scratches in it. We plan on getting this one ready for paint tomorrow and possibly painted if all goes well.

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