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Bug gets primer

DSCF8923DSCF8924DSCF8926DSCF8921DSCF8922DSCF8925DSCF8927DSCF8928Today we sprayed a few coats of primer on the ’79 Beetle. Everything went very smoothly except for that left rear fender. While we were prepping it for primer, we noticed a small split or crack in the paint. When I tried to sand it out, the paint just kept flaking. After about an inch or so of sanding I decided to use a blower on it to see if it would peel. Sure enough, the paint  started flying off in sheets. We were able to blow most of it off but some did stick. The paint that was left was shaved off with a razor blade scraper. You can see the results there on the floor in picture 5. No worries though, we were still able to get that fender in primer as well today. Next week we should be able to start blocking this primer out and prepping the car for paint.

Yes, we paint signs



Painting signs is really no different than painting a car. Proper prep and the right materials will ensure the sign will last for years. Here you can see how the signs come in. The owner of this sign wants a black back ground so we will oblige him. The second picture shows the sign after a coat of PPG’s DP Epoxy primer. This offers great adhesion to ensure the top coats last for years. The last picture shows the finished product after several coats of high gloss black. Now its off get the proper graphics.

Ready for primer

DSCF8918DSCF8917After a couple of good hard days repairing the body we are finally ready for primer. Tomorrow morning we will mask off the areas that wont be primed then it will go into the booth and get a few coats of PPG’s urethane primer.

Buggin out

DSCF8908DSCF8916DSCF8910DSCF8911DSCF8915DSCF8914Today was a good day for the ’79 Bug. This nice little convertible was hit by a deer on the left side and unfortunately it did a fair amount of damage. We will be able to repair everything with no problem. As you can see we made great progress today. The owner decided to go ahead and paint the rest of the car while we had it here so thats why you see that we repaired dents on the right side too. We were almost able to get all the body work done and should be able to finish up the repairs in the morning. We will then spend the rest of tomorrow getting it ready for primer. Not sure we will get that far but at least it will be primed early Friday morning.

For your convenience..


For your safety and convenience JMC now accepts


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Been a while….

DSCF8878DSCF8900DSCF8901DSCF8903DSCF8879DSCF8886DSCF8887DSCF8891DSCF8875Ok, Ok, Yes  I know, its been a while since I have posted, but I have a few good excuses. First of all we have been totally SLAMMED here since Christmas and we have also been making a few hardware and software changes in the office to help the business run a bit smoother. This has been taking up my website time and since this is a convenience, not a necessity, it had to be what suffered.

Above are just a few pictures of the 20 or so cars we have done in the past 4 weeks. I will be updating the site a bit more frequently now. Thank you for your patience and your business. Happy New Year!!

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