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Come together

DSCF9036DSCF9035Today was spent working on the ’79 Beetle. As you can see we got quite a bit accomplished. The front is all buttoned up as well as half of the rear. Tomorrow we need to install the left rear fender, running boards, rear bumper and the new door rubber for the drivers side. We also started stripping the factory wheels today and we hope to have them ready for paint after tomorrow. With a little luck, this bug will be heading home by the end of the week.

Face lift

DSCF9025DSCF9026DSCF9031DSCF9032The owner of the Tahoe came by the shop to inquire about a few custom touches she had in mind. We took a look at what she had in mind and found all of what she wanted was fairly easily attainable. We removed the parts she wanted color matched to the vehicle and properly prepped them. Once they were ready for paint Paul took over and sprayed them with PPG products to meet the owners vision. Once things were dry we reassembled the Tahoe and had it washed for her. Another satisfied customer and another custom vehicle by the crew at JMC.

Like it never even happened

DSCF9033DSCF9034Here we have the painted bedside that came in early in the week. I think it really turned out very nicely. It took some time to work the metal out, but the results speak for themselves. We will put this one back together on Monday and get it cleaned up for the customer. Something tells me he’s going to be needing his truck over the next week or so.

On the road again.

DSCF9030DSCF9029And here we have the finished product. After a good bath this morning, it was ready to go back home. The owner picked up early afternoon and she was very happy with the repair.

Snow victim

DSCF9016DSCF9018DSCF9017DSCF9020DSCF9019This Tundra was an unfortunate victim of the snow last weekend. Although it looked bad, we thought we would try to work out the metal to see if we could repair it instead of putting a new panel on. Sometimes if you take your time, you can work the metal out and turn an ugly panel into one that is very fix able. Thats what we were able to do here. With the right tools and some patients, we massaged this bedside out to a manageable dent that is very repairable now. The repair area is large but the filler will be pretty thin which should make for a nice repair. Tomorrow we will start the body work portion of the repair.

Now we’re moving

DSCF9024DSCF9021DSCF9022DSCF9023What a good day at the shop. We were able to get the radiator support installed that we assembled yesterday. We also charged the A/C, filled the coolant system and tested it all. Once it all checked out, we sanded the car and prepped it for paint. Still having a few hours before quitting time, we put it in the booth and Paul laid down a nice paint job. We did come across a few more parts that were missed on the original estimate and those are on order and should come in on Thursday. If all goes well, this one will go home on Friday.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Finally getting parts

DSCF9015DSCF9014DSCF8965We finally have gotten the parts needed to get started on the Hyundai that came in over a week ago. The radiator and condenser, as well as the fan assembly were installed into the radiator support this afternoon. Tomorrow we plan on installing the whole assembly into the car and charging the cooling system and the A/C system. Things should move along nicely now.

Beetle paint day

DSCF9004DSCF9003DSCF9001DSCF9005DSCF9006DSCF9011DSCF9008DSCF9002DSCF9012DSCF9013Today was paint day for the ’79 Beetle. This morning we pulled it into the the booth and masked off what didnt get painted then meticulously wiped it down to remove any contamination and to clean the surface for paint. Paul then sprayed a coat of PPG urethane sealer over the entire car. This provides us a uniform surface apply the paint over. Once that was dry he sprayed 3 coats of base coat color onto the car followed by 2 coats of PPG clear coat. As you can see it really turned out nice. Tomorrow we will paint the rear fenders and the license plate light cover. It would have just been too tight to try to fit all those in the booth for painting today.

Ready for color

DSCF8996DSCF8994DSCF8993DSCF8995DSCF8995DSCF8993DSCF8994DSCF8996We have been working on this bug for a while, if you don’t remember, this beetle was hit by a deer. All the damage has been repaired and is now prepped for paint. Today we had to remove the hood to repair a little surface rust around the edges of the hood. With that complete, Monday we will reinstall the hood, then it will go into the booth for its turn to be made pretty again.  If things go smoothly, this bug will be all silver again and looking good.

Meet Morris

IMG_5486IMG_5485DSCF8969DSCF8970Meet Morris Minor. He is has had a few little custom up grades and now its time to get the outside looking as nice as the interior and engine.  We aren’t really going all out on this little hot rod, but we are going to clean up a couple of old repairs that aren’t up to snuff. We will be painting it back flat black but with a product that will hold up a little better and and a little more user friendly. I wasn’t sure what the black was that was on it, so we opted to remove all of it just in case it was not compatible with our paint. We will be able to paint over whats on it now, but we will seal all of this with a good coat of epoxy.  Stay tuned to this one, it will be a cool little hot rod.

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