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Another rust repair

DSCF8946DSCF8945DSCF8947DSCF8948Yesterday we repaired another rust spot on an Chevy truck. We started by grinding out the rust until we found good metal. We then cut out what was bad then made a patch to fit the hole. We then carefully weleded in the patch being careful not to over heat and warp the surrounding metal. Once that was done we ground down the welds and filled the are with All Metal. Once that was dry, we smoothed that up and finished off the repair with body filler then primer. This morning the primer area was sanded and prepped for paint. We were able to get it painted today so look for those pictures tomorrow.

Dang deer

DSCF8954DSCF8955DSCF8956DSCF8958Long time readers to the site may remember this car from a couple of years ago. The owner brought this to us a couple of years ago wanting a different look for her 2008 Mustang GT California Special. We were happy to oblidge. She wanted to remove the factory California Special side decals and replace them with a more noticible painted on stripe. Well, while we were at it, we also laid out a single wide stirpe with pinstirpes on the hood, roof, trunk and bumpers. It really stood out. Well the other evening a deer crossed her path and unfortunately it wanst moving fast enough and it got wacked.  We will be replacing the fender, bumper and head light. Parts are on order and should be here by the end of the week.

Chevy’s ready

DSCF8941DSCF8942DSCF8950DSCF8953The rust on this Chevy is now a thing of the past. The repair turned out really nice. Here are the images from its time in the paint booth. You can see the sealer on the repaired area in the first picture followed by the base coat then the clear coat. The last image shows the finished product with a new pin stripe and a new Z71 decal.

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