Daily Archives: February 12, 2016

At least no one was hurt

DSCF8962DSCF8961DSCF8964DSCF8963DSCF8965DSCF8962DSCF8961DSCF8964DSCF8965DSCF8963This Hyundai in in the shop to get the front end repaired. It was involved in a pretty bad collision the other day but luckily the owner wasn’t injured. We will be replacing quite a bit on this one. Here you can see where we disassembled it to get a good look at what was broken and damaged so we can write an accurate estimate. The last picture shows our recycler pulling out the freon from the A/C system.  Our next step is to get the parts ordered up on Monday so we can start putting this one back together.

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