Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Meet Morris

IMG_5486IMG_5485DSCF8969DSCF8970Meet Morris Minor. He is has had a few little custom up grades and now its time to get the outside looking as nice as the interior and engine.  We aren’t really going all out on this little hot rod, but we are going to clean up a couple of old repairs that aren’t up to snuff. We will be painting it back flat black but with a product that will hold up a little better and and a little more user friendly. I wasn’t sure what the black was that was on it, so we opted to remove all of it just in case it was not compatible with our paint. We will be able to paint over whats on it now, but we will seal all of this with a good coat of epoxy.  Stay tuned to this one, it will be a cool little hot rod.

Getting there

DSCF8985DSCF8984DSCF8983We have been working on the ’67 bug this week, putting the finishing touches on it before it goes out for a new headliner. We had new tires and wheels installed, all the electrical has been gone over and all is working. We had a snag with a faulty signal switch so that was replaced, a new antenna, mirror and turn signals round out a few of the new items.  We hope to get the new headliner installed next week then we can install the carpet and seats then finally the glass. Wont be long before this bug is back on the road.

That left a mark

DSCF8974DSCF8979DSCF8978DSCF8980DSCF8986DSCF8987This 4500 is in the shop to get the fender repaired  on the one piece front end. It seems as though one of those pesky garbage cans jumped out in front of this truck while he was trying to squeeze into a tight spot. As you can see there was a chunk missing from the fender but with today’s glue technology, we were able to create that missing area relatively easily. Once the structure was there, we used body filler to do the final shaping and to get the contours correct. We then shot 3 coats of PPG high build urethane primer. Tomorrow we will block this out and get it back white again.

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