Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Finally getting parts

DSCF9015DSCF9014DSCF8965We finally have gotten the parts needed to get started on the Hyundai that came in over a week ago. The radiator and condenser, as well as the fan assembly were installed into the radiator support this afternoon. Tomorrow we plan on installing the whole assembly into the car and charging the cooling system and the A/C system. Things should move along nicely now.

Beetle paint day

DSCF9004DSCF9003DSCF9001DSCF9005DSCF9006DSCF9011DSCF9008DSCF9002DSCF9012DSCF9013Today was paint day for the ’79 Beetle. This morning we pulled it into the the booth and masked off what didnt get painted then meticulously wiped it down to remove any contamination and to clean the surface for paint. Paul then sprayed a coat of PPG urethane sealer over the entire car. This provides us a uniform surface apply the paint over. Once that was dry he sprayed 3 coats of base coat color onto the car followed by 2 coats of PPG clear coat. As you can see it really turned out nice. Tomorrow we will paint the rear fenders and the license plate light cover. It would have just been too tight to try to fit all those in the booth for painting today.

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