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Snow victim

DSCF9016DSCF9018DSCF9017DSCF9020DSCF9019This Tundra was an unfortunate victim of the snow last weekend. Although it looked bad, we thought we would try to work out the metal to see if we could repair it instead of putting a new panel on. Sometimes if you take your time, you can work the metal out and turn an ugly panel into one that is very fix able. Thats what we were able to do here. With the right tools and some patients, we massaged this bedside out to a manageable dent that is very repairable now. The repair area is large but the filler will be pretty thin which should make for a nice repair. Tomorrow we will start the body work portion of the repair.

Now we’re moving

DSCF9024DSCF9021DSCF9022DSCF9023What a good day at the shop. We were able to get the radiator support installed that we assembled yesterday. We also charged the A/C, filled the coolant system and tested it all. Once it all checked out, we sanded the car and prepped it for paint. Still having a few hours before quitting time, we put it in the booth and Paul laid down a nice paint job. We did come across a few more parts that were missed on the original estimate and those are on order and should come in on Thursday. If all goes well, this one will go home on Friday.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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