Daily Archives: February 26, 2016

Face lift

DSCF9025DSCF9026DSCF9031DSCF9032The owner of the Tahoe came by the shop to inquire about a few custom touches she had in mind. We took a look at what she had in mind and found all of what she wanted was fairly easily attainable. We removed the parts she wanted color matched to the vehicle and properly prepped them. Once they were ready for paint Paul took over and sprayed them with PPG products to meet the owners vision. Once things were dry we reassembled the Tahoe and had it washed for her. Another satisfied customer and another custom vehicle by the crew at JMC.

Like it never even happened

DSCF9033DSCF9034Here we have the painted bedside that came in early in the week. I think it really turned out very nicely. It took some time to work the metal out, but the results speak for themselves. We will put this one back together on Monday and get it cleaned up for the customer. Something tells me he’s going to be needing his truck over the next week or so.

On the road again.

DSCF9030DSCF9029And here we have the finished product. After a good bath this morning, it was ready to go back home. The owner picked up early afternoon and she was very happy with the repair.

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