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Paint day

DSCF9168DSCF9169Today was paint day for the Silverado. While we were disassembling the Hyundai, this truck was getting blocked out and wet sanded in preparation for its turn in the booth. As you can see the paint job turned out very nice. Tomorrow we still have to paint the inner part of the door and the rocker panel. We should have this done pretty early leaving plenty of time to reassemble this truck. We may even have time to send it over to clean up. It should be heading home by Wednesday

Driveway mishap

DSCF9160DSCF9161DSCF9165DSCF9163DSCF9162DSCF9166DSCF9167This Hyundai was involved in a bump up while sitting in the drive way and unfortunately it was also parked close to a pole. So not only was the back damaged the front was as well. First thing we did was remove the rear bumper and interior panels to further inspect the damage on the rear. Once that was all apart we moved to the front of the vehicle and removed the head lamps and front bumper. We also went ahead and repaired the bumper and fender today. Tomorrow this one has to go to the frame shop to get that rear body panel pulled back into shape. Once thats done, we will install a new hatch and get it all painted back. So far things have moved very smoothly on this repair. Hopefully the rest of the job will as well.

Pin head

DSCF9153DSCF9152DSCF9157DSCF9156DSCF9158This Silverado is in the shop to get its doors repaired. The dent in the front door was pretty bad but the stud gun made the job a little easier. The stud welder used to pull the dent out to limit the amount of filler used. And although they don’t show that bad in these pictures, the dent was pretty substantial. We pulled the low spots out and tapped in the high ones. Once the panel was as straight as possible, we used filler to perform the finishing touches. Once the filler was all blocked out we primed the panels. Monday we plan on pulling the mirror and handle and  prepping these doors for paint,

Cadi bumpers

DSCF9154DSCF9155After a super busy week we had to get the Escalade bumpers painted today so we can wrap this job up next week. It was late in the day but yes, we did get them sprayed. The plan is to  start the reassembly process on Monday. Hopefully we can get this one back to its owner by Friday.

Almost ready to Cruze

DSCF9151DSCF9150After a full day of assembly this Cruze is just about ready for the road. Its scheduled for a new tire and an alignment tomorrow and then its ready for the road again. We even had it cleaned up today to to save that time tomorrow.

Cruze’ing right along

DSCF9149DSCF9147Today was paint day for the Cruze. We got an early start on it this morning sanding it and washing it in preparation for its turn in the booth. Once it was ready we slid it into the booth and masked off the areas that we werent painting and covered up the rest. Paul took over and started with a coat of sealer, then sprayed 3 coats of red followed by 2 coats of clear. As you can clearly see, hahah it turned out great. Tomorrow we plan on reassembly, glass and an alignment. Hopefully all that can happen tomorrow. Its going to be a busy day.

Back on the Cruze

DSCF9134DSCF9133DSCF9142DSCF9132DSCF9141DSCF9145This Cruze is getting a new face lift. It had to go over the frame shop a couple of weeks ago and we just got it back yesterday. So today we sprayed the new inner structure sheet metal and fender. Once that was dry, we installed the new air box, A/C line, and resonator. Once all that fitting we installed the new fender. Tomorrow we will have to charge the A/C system, and prep the car for paint. We are a little behind schedule but we are making great progress. The owner has been very patient. We will continue to work on this one until its ready to go home.

Smash em, bash em

DSCF9131DSCF9137DSCF9144DSCF9143This Dodge was a victim of a parking lot mishap. We had to replace the fender and had a small dent to repair in the right door. We painted this one today and plan on getting it put back together tomorrow.

Cadi time

DSCF9139DSCF9138Yesterday we had the opportunity to put the Escalade in the booth. We prepped it late last week so all we really had to do was mask it up and wipe it all down. Once all that was done, Paul started spraying the sealer. Once it as sealed and dry, the first layers of base coat was sprayed. That was followed by several coats of the pearl coat. Then, two coats of clear were sprayed. As you can see, things turned out pretty good. We will try to get the door jambs sprayed later this week and start the reassembly process. Its good to see this one looking like a Escalade again.

Lot damage

DSCF9094DSCF9095DSCF9105DSCF9114DSCF9115This Accord was backed into in a parking lot. We will be repairing the quarter and the rear bumper on this one. We started by removing the bumper and the interior from the trunk. This allows us to straighten the biggest part of the damaged area to reduce the amount of filler needed to straighten the metal out. As you can see there was a little more damage hidden behind the bumper. We fixed that as well while we were at it. Once the body was good and straight, Paul did his part and laid down a nice paint job. Tomorrow we will put this one all back together and it should be heading home by early afternoon.

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