Daily Archives: March 10, 2016

Wild ride

DSCF9069DSCF9083DSCF9084I’d have to say, the owners of this Escalade are pretty lucky. During a bad storm we had here a couple of weeks ago, this vehicle got into a tussle with one of those cable style guard rails. Luckily the occupants were not hurt, their Escalade on the other hand didnt fair so well. Luckily cars are easier to fix than people are. After getting things worked out with the insurance company, we have started repairs. As you can see we did get a good start on it this afternoon. A lot of the parts are here so we plan on plugging right along on this one. Tomorrow Paul will get the parts trimmed out and I will keep removing the bent stuff and straightening out what I can. Again, and as always, we are glad no one was hurt and everyone walked away.

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