Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

Lot damage

DSCF9094DSCF9095DSCF9105DSCF9114DSCF9115This Accord was backed into in a parking lot. We will be repairing the quarter and the rear bumper on this one. We started by removing the bumper and the interior from the trunk. This allows us to straighten the biggest part of the damaged area to reduce the amount of filler needed to straighten the metal out. As you can see there was a little more damage hidden behind the bumper. We fixed that as well while we were at it. Once the body was good and straight, Paul did his part and laid down a nice paint job. Tomorrow we will put this one all back together and it should be heading home by early afternoon.

Quarters on

DSCF9116DSCF9117DSCF9118Today we did the final fitting of the quarter and welded it up. Once it was on, we dressed the welds and prepped those areas for repair. You can see we didnt use regular filler in the welded areas. We used a product called Aluma-fill. This product is a little tougher than filler and works great in the welded areas. We will sand this stuff down tomorrow and use regular filler for the final touches. We should get this all fixed up tomorrow as well as the dent in the hatch and the fender back on. Tomorrow this should look sorta like an Escalade again.

Well, dang

DSCF9093DSCF9100DSCF9104DSCF9113This brand new Tahoe is in the shop to get its hood repaired. Not sure exactly what happened here but something fell on the hood knocking 3 dents in it. To ensure the rest of the vehicle stays clean, we removed the hood to do the repairs. Since the dents were fairly small, we only needed to tap them a little from the bottom to smooth them up some then followed that with a little swipe of filler. That was blocked down to make it straight then they were primed. Once the primer was dry, we blocked it again then prepped it for paint. Paul was able to get this sprayed late yesterday evening. We reinstalled it this morning and after a wash job its ready for the customer. Another job well done.

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