Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

Paint day

DSCF9168DSCF9169Today was paint day for the Silverado. While we were disassembling the Hyundai, this truck was getting blocked out and wet sanded in preparation for its turn in the booth. As you can see the paint job turned out very nice. Tomorrow we still have to paint the inner part of the door and the rocker panel. We should have this done pretty early leaving plenty of time to reassemble this truck. We may even have time to send it over to clean up. It should be heading home by Wednesday

Driveway mishap

DSCF9160DSCF9161DSCF9165DSCF9163DSCF9162DSCF9166DSCF9167This Hyundai was involved in a bump up while sitting in the drive way and unfortunately it was also parked close to a pole. So not only was the back damaged the front was as well. First thing we did was remove the rear bumper and interior panels to further inspect the damage on the rear. Once that was all apart we moved to the front of the vehicle and removed the head lamps and front bumper. We also went ahead and repaired the bumper and fender today. Tomorrow this one has to go to the frame shop to get that rear body panel pulled back into shape. Once thats done, we will install a new hatch and get it all painted back. So far things have moved very smoothly on this repair. Hopefully the rest of the job will as well.

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