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Quarters on

DSCF9116DSCF9117DSCF9118Today we did the final fitting of the quarter and welded it up. Once it was on, we dressed the welds and prepped those areas for repair. You can see we didnt use regular filler in the welded areas. We used a product called Aluma-fill. This product is a little tougher than filler and works great in the welded areas. We will sand this stuff down tomorrow and use regular filler for the final touches. We should get this all fixed up tomorrow as well as the dent in the hatch and the fender back on. Tomorrow this should look sorta like an Escalade again.

Well, dang

DSCF9093DSCF9100DSCF9104DSCF9113This brand new Tahoe is in the shop to get its hood repaired. Not sure exactly what happened here but something fell on the hood knocking 3 dents in it. To ensure the rest of the vehicle stays clean, we removed the hood to do the repairs. Since the dents were fairly small, we only needed to tap them a little from the bottom to smooth them up some then followed that with a little swipe of filler. That was blocked down to make it straight then they were primed. Once the primer was dry, we blocked it again then prepped it for paint. Paul was able to get this sprayed late yesterday evening. We reinstalled it this morning and after a wash job its ready for the customer. Another job well done.

Nip and tuck

DSCF9088DSCF9089DSCF9086DSCF9087DSCF9090DSCF9091This week we got a great start on the Escalade. We were able to get the bent quarter panel cut off and the new one trimmed up and ready to install. We are waiting on one more part before we can install it though. We also got the new fender and door trimmed out, the door installed, as well as the damage to the right front door repaired. Next on the list will be to get the quarter on and then ready for paint. Hopefully we can get that done next week.

Wild ride

DSCF9069DSCF9083DSCF9084I’d have to say, the owners of this Escalade are pretty lucky. During a bad storm we had here a couple of weeks ago, this vehicle got into a tussle with one of those cable style guard rails. Luckily the occupants were not hurt, their Escalade on the other hand didnt fair so well. Luckily cars are easier to fix than people are. After getting things worked out with the insurance company, we have started repairs. As you can see we did get a good start on it this afternoon. A lot of the parts are here so we plan on plugging right along on this one. Tomorrow Paul will get the parts trimmed out and I will keep removing the bent stuff and straightening out what I can. Again, and as always, we are glad no one was hurt and everyone walked away.

Flat black Minor

DSCF9075DSCF9076DSCF9073DSCF9074We worked on getting this Morris Minor wrapped up today. We painted it over the weekend and this morning painted the jambs and shot the grill a flat silver to break up the black. Because the weather was warm, we were able to get it out of the booth early enough to start the reassembly of what we took apart. Tomorrow we plan on a final cleaning and it will be ready to head home.

DSCF9055DSCF9056DSCF9057DSCF9058Here we have the almost finished up ’79 Beetle. We still have to give it a good cleaning and wipe down the inside. Believe it or not, but its sort of dusty around here. We also still have to get the factory sport wheels mounted. Other than that, its pretty much ready to roll.

All right stop, Minor time

DSCF9059DSCF9060DSCF9061Over the past few days we have been sanding on the Morris Minor and today we primed in a few places that really needed extra attention. Because this is not an all out job, we fixed only the areas that really needed it. The body is in decent shape and because we are going with a semi gloss black paint job going all out on the body work isn’t really necessary. Tomorrow we have a small job to paint first thing, then this one will go in. If all goes well, this on will be painted tomorrow. Im anxious to see how it turns out. The egg shell or semi gloss look should look very cool on here.

Black eye

DSCF9041DSCF9044This Jeep was involved in a little bump up last week and it took a good shot in the eye. Luckily nothing structurally was damaged. We have a new fender on order as well as a header panel and a front bumper. When the parts come in we will get rolling on here to get this car back to the owner as soon as possible.

Wheel day

DSCF9049DSCF9050DSCF9053DSCF9054We are putting the finishing touches on the beetle. Now that the body is wrapped up, its time to get the wheels done. We had to strip several layers of paint off of these wheels before painting them. Once all of the old paint was removed, we prepped them and set them up in the booth for painting. First Paul sprayed a coat of epoxy sealer over the metal. Once that was dry 3 coats of paint was sprayed followed by 2 coats of clear coat. I must have missed the picture of them cleared, Ill try to get one tomorrow with the tires mounted. If we can get those back early enough, they will be installed tomorrow as well. Only leaving a good detail before this little bug is ready to go back home.

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