Daily Archives: April 1, 2016

Back on the Ghia

DSCF9204DSCF9203DSCF9186DSCF9185After way too long, we were able to get back on the Ghia this week. No major accomplishments here but we did get some work done. There are several places that have to be cut out and new metal put back in because the metal is thin in some areas and has a few small pinholes. We were also planning on cutting the left rocker off to start fitting in the left heater channel and outer sheet metal but tubing we need to brace everything up didnt come in. We hope to get that in next week so we can start that up. We did get about 10 or so places welded up and a few little patches in and some made to keep things moving. We have been very blessed with lots of collision work over the past few months but unfortunately that takes our time away from these more fun projects. Our many thanks to the owner for her patients. We now have a full crew and you will be seeing more posts on this one in the weeks to come.

Ready to roll

DSCF9198DSCF9197This Silverado was in the shop to get a pretty big dent in the front door and rocker panel fixed. After a little massaging from JMC we were able to work the dent out and get it all painted up. Here you can see it all washed up and ready to go home

Looking better and better

DSCF9195DSCF9196We have been steadily working on this Escalade and we have gotten most of it back together. As with many jobs of this size, there are some things that get missed and yesterday we found one. The exhaust is bent up and will need to be replaced. but we do have it on order. We also have had the new wheels installed on the right side and also installed two new tires. We are waiting on a few clips and a headlight before we can put the bumper on so we have worked ourselves out of work on here for now.

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