Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

On the mend

DSCF9209DSCF9210DSCF9213DSCF9212We put in some good time on the Hyundai this week. We got it back from the frame shop on Monday around noon and we spent the rest of the day prepping it for paint. This morning it was the first car in the booth and once the paint was dry, we started putting it all back together. We were able to get it pretty much all back together and we plan on sending it to clean up tomorrow so it will be ready to return to the owner tomorrow evening.

Bumper blues

DSCF9207DSCF9208DSCF9211This Hyundai is in to get a little scratch in the rear bumper repaired. Like almost of our bumper jobs, we remove the bumper to give the best quality repair. We sanded out the scratch and Paul put a couple of coats of primer on the damaged area to ensure that the spot is fully hidden once its painted. Tomorrow we will sand the primer and the rest of the bumper first thing in the morning in hopes of getting it painted and reinstalled later in the afternoon.

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