Mustang Sally…

DSCF9214DSCF9217DSCF9219DSCF9220DSCF9225This beautiful Mustang is in in the shop to get one of those pesky rock chips fixed. Dont you hate it when you have a brand new car and you get a rock chip in it and its the only flaw in the whole car?  Well the owner of this car just couldnt take it anymore. He dropped it off to make that chip disappear. We started by removing the hood and all of its parts. We then blocked out the chip. We then applied a few coats of high build primer to seal that area up. Once the primer was dry, we blocked that out yet again and sanded the rest of the hood for painting. Once in the booth Paul worked his magic making this hood look as good as new. Tomorrow we will put this all back together and off to its owner it will go.

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