Daily Archives: April 11, 2016

Little too close for comfort

DSCF9229DSCF9230DSCF9234DSCF9236We have this Hyundai in the shop to get the doors and a small dent in the quarter repaired. As you can see we were able to get the dents repaired and in primer today. We will be spraying color on this one tomorrow after we remove the handles and mirror.

Parking lot bang up

DSCF9231DSCF9232DSCF9233DSCF9235This Accord is in the shop to get the “dog leg” portion of the left quarter panel repaired. It was the victim of a little parking lot bump up.Someone backed into the quarter and wheel area at a low speed so luckily there wasnt too much damage. We were able to “massage” the area back into shape and then used a light coat of filler to finish smoothing out the wrinkles. As you can see here we did get it all fixed today and primed. Sorry, I missed the primed pictures. Tomorrow we will block the primed area and prep the rest of the quarter and rear door for paint. Tomorrow this one will take its turn first in the booth.

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