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DSCF9242[1]You may recognize this car. We painted this car a couple of years ago and added a few “Oh so green” stripes to it per the owners request. Unfortunately, she hit a deer a month or so ago and we had it in to install a new fender and front bumper. Unfortunately, unfortunately, she hit another deer and this time it got the hood. We will be able to repair the front bumper but the hood had to go. The owner knew exactly what she wanted to do about the hood. She picked out this Cervini fiberglass hood for a meaner look. We sanded the hood down and sprayed a few coats of primer on there. We then sanded that all back down and put the hood on to make sure it fit like its supposed to. We were very impressed with how it fit. Only minor adjustments were needed. We also painted the bottom of the hood black today and finished sanding the top side. We will be painting this one tomorrow.

Making it shine

DSCF9239[1]DSCF9241[1]Once the Accord was dry, we slid this Elantra in the booth so it could get all shined up again. While the Accord was being painted, this Elantra was being prepped for it turn. After a coat of sealer and a few coats of base coat, Paul laid down a couple of coats of clear. This car really turned out great. We will get it back together tomorrow then a good bath and its ready to roll again.

According to this..

DSCF9237[1]DSCF9238[1] We did get the Accord painted today here you can see it in the booth right after it was cleared. It will stay in here for about an hour then we will unmask it and pull it out for fresh air. Tomorrow it goes for an alignment and will be reassembled. If all goes well, it will go home tomorrow as well.

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