Daily Archives: April 18, 2016

Quarter removal

DSCF9252[1]DSCF9256[1]DSCF9257[1]This Acura is in need of a new quarter panel. We sent it to the frame shop last week to get pulled. The quarter was pushed far enough in that it was necessary to pull  it out into shape before removing it. Once back, we can start removing the old panel. All the spot welds were drilled out and old seam sealer was removed. We then used an air hammer to bust the welds loose. Once that was done, we carefully cut the post and rocker where they would be spliced together. We then cut sleeves to go in the sail panel and rockers for strength. Once those were cut we started fitting the new panel. We did get if fitting very nicely but it was too late to start welding. We pick up there tomorrow.

A scrub and rubb

DSCF9255[1]DSCF9254[1]DSCF9253[1]This Solstice came in today to get a couple of small dents repaired. As you can see, there wasnt much to them. We repaired them today ans got them in primer. Tomorrow this one will go in the booth to get painted. The owner has then requested it be buffed and detailed inside and out. This will be in tip top shape by the end of the week.

Back in the saddle

DSCF9248[1]DSCF9247[1]The Mustang from last weeks deer hit was completed and looking good. We replaced the stock hood with this nice piece from Cervini. We painted it black then followed that up with the Gotta Have It Green stripes with flat black side vents. The flat and shiny black really complement each other.

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