Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

In with the new

DSCF9260DSCF9258DSCF9259DSCF9262DSCF9261After the removal of the old quarter, yesterday was spent fitting the new one. We didnt really have any major problems, we were just trying to get the rear body panel aligned a little better before welding it up. Late yesterday we accomplished that goal but it was too late to weld it. So this morning we started that first thing. We were able to get it fully welded and grind the welds down. We also have our first coat of filler on the seams. We dont use regular body filler on the welded areas because sometimes it can shrink and its not water proof. Instead we use a product called all metal on our first coat of filler over welds. We will finish this off with body filler to ensure a seamless repair. We will then seam all the welded areas just like was done at Acura. We hope to have this one in primer tomorrow and ready to paint on Friday.

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