Daily Archives: April 22, 2016

Rocker be gone

DSCF9263DSCF9264DSCF9265DSCF9266DSCF9267DSCF9268DSCF9269DSCF9276DSCF9277Today I spent the day removing the old rusty rocker and inner structure. First thing we did was weld in some supports to keep the body where its supposed to be. We then started cutting out the large chunks of rusty metal. Once those were out of the way, we carefully removed the rest of the metal where it attaches to the A post and B post. Once all the old stuff was out of the way, we started fitting the new panels. After a little of finagling we got things in and looking pretty good. We still have some fine tuning to do before we bring out the welder but we are very pleased with the progress today.

Here a trim, there a trim

DSCF9270DSCF9271DSCF9272DSCF9273Moving right along on the Acura today. As you can see we got it trimmed out today and sanded it and prepped it for paint on Monday. With a little luck, this one will be back together and heading home next week.

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