Daily Archives: May 3, 2016

Finishing touches

DSCF9284DSCF9293DSCF9285This ’67 bug is back from the upholstery shop. We sent it out to get the headliner installed. Its back now so we started working on the carpet yesterday and today was able to install the rear seat back. We also installed the rear door panels and have the front ones built and ready to install. We will need to make a vapor barrier before we install them though. As you can see this one is shaping up to be a nice little car.

Oh deer,

DSCF9286DSCF9287DSCF9292Yes, deer are still running. Here we have a Kia that has hit a deer and has come to us to get it repaired. We will be replacing the hood, left fender, left head lamp, front bumper, radiator, radiator support and condenser. As you can see we got a good jump on it today. We did find a little extra damage once it was disassembled but nothing major. The parts should all be here tomorrow and hopefully we will have all of the mechanical work done tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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