Daily Archives: May 5, 2016

Have a seat

DSCF9297DSCF9298Here you can see the front seats have been installed. They have been recovered with the factory type covers and all new padding. We still have to install the front door panels and front and back glass and the new back up lights that should arrive tomorrow. Pretty cool little bug, I know the owner will enjoy it.

Oh cool

DSCF9294DSCF9299Yesterday, parts arrived for the Kia. We got right to work installing the new radiator, condenser and new radiator support. That all went really smoothly. It all went together nicely and we even had time to recharge the A/C system. Today we trimmed out the hood and fender and once they were dry we installed them and set the gaps. With a little time left in the day we sanded these parts and the left door so tomorrow we could waste no time getting it painted. We should get this one wrapped up the first of next week .

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