Daily Archives: May 16, 2016

What a drag

DSCF9300DSCF9303DSCF9301DSCF9302Bars, bars and more bars. We will be painting the roll cage in this Camaro hopefully tomorrow. It will definitely be a challenge. We have painted a few roll cages in our time but this one is definitely takes the cake. We have had the car for a few days and have the inside prepped for paint. We also have the firewall smoothed up and primed. We will be painting that as well. Once the inside is done, we will have a few holes to weld up in the quarters where the old spoiler was mounted. This won’t be used anymore, so we will make those go away. We also have already primed the fiberglass hood, trunk, and doors and those are ready to paint. We will get some pictures tomorrow and try to get those posted for your viewing pleasure.

Its a wrap

DSCF9307DSCF9306DSCF9304We started on this ’67 beetle a while back. We had quite extensive metal work to perform as well as a full reassembly after painting it all over. Here are the finished shots of it. Its color is factory, zenith blue. The owner upgraded the wheels but left the car all stock. We had the interior done by a local shop in Burlington and they did a great job. The owner picked up this beauty Friday. I know he will have many good years of enjoyment.

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