Rocking the rocker

DSCF9329DSCF9330DSCF9331DSCF9333DSCF9334DSCF9336Today we worked on the left rocker on the Ghia. The right side is in and it really went well. The left side is putting up a little fight. These rockers have to be installed in stages. We have a main inner part and outer part. The rear has another piece that has to go in before either of the rockers do. Then, there are the two outer parts that go on last. They are the lower  fender and lower quarter finish pieces. All these parts must be fit before welding them in to ensure that by the time the last part goes on, it fits the area its supposed to occupy. So, as you can see getting the first piece in properly is pretty important. We put the door back on today to make sure the lower body line is right and that once the rocker was in, the door would still open and close with out rubbing. We did make some progress but not quite enough to start welding just yet. We will have to spend a little more time fine tuning a couple of things and hopefully this will be welded up this week.

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