Daily Archives: June 3, 2016

Haven’t even made a payment..

DSCF9363DSCF9365DSCF9370DSCF9369DSCF9368The owner of this Prius got her “new to her” car 3 weeks ago and she hasn’t even made a payment on it yet. As you can see she was involved in a decent little accident leaving the car pretty banged up. We took some time this afternoon to disassemble it to see the extent of the damage and found a few things that were not visible when the insurance estimate was written. We will get the parts ordered up and the car over to the frame shop the first of the week.

Moving along

DSCF9359DSCF9371DSCF9372Most of today was spent working on the Ghia. We have all of the structure pieces in as well as the heater channel. We started fitting the outer rocker panel late today but didn’t get it welded in just yet. Now that the structure stuff is complete the body pieces should go a little smoother once we have the rocker fitting.

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