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DSCF9415DSCF9414DSCF9413This awesome ’63 Grand Prix is in the shop to get a couple of patches replaced in the quarters. Someone did a wonderful job restoring this car several years ago but like everything, nothing lasts forever. We will be fixing up a few places and painting the bad places back up nice and shiny to keep this lead sled on the road for a few more years.

No holes

DSCF9411DSCF9410DSCF9416Over the past few days we have been welding up the molding holes in the doors on the Ghia. We have the left side completed and most on the right welded. Also on the left side we have ground them down and applied a coat of All Metal.  We will do our finish body work over top of the All Metal once its back on the pan. We only have a couple more patches to button up before the body goes back on.

Back in black

DSCF9412Here is the final results on Chevy truck. All evidence of the handle bar scratch is gone and its all back shiny again. The customer we very pleased and happy to get his truck back.

Ready to roll

DSCF9409DSCF9408Here we have the finished product. This Camaro is all fixed up and ready for the road again.

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