Daily Archives: June 23, 2016

Yep, another deer

DSCF9428DSCF9429DSCF9427This Sonata is in the shop to get the front put back on and the dents all down the side. Apparently the deer rolled down the side causing some dents to the doors. We disassembled it today to make sure there wasn’t any hidden damage behind the bumper or headlamp. Tomorrow we will start the repairs on the doors and get the parts ordered up. This repair should go pretty smoothly. Stay tuned.

Rear body is on

DSCF9426Late today we got the Prius back from the frame shop. While it was there, They went on and welded the rear body panel on while it was on the frame machine. The right quarter pulled out really nicely so only a little amount of straightening will be needed there. We will also have to repair the roof and seal up the welds on the rear body panel. Tomorrow we also plan on triming the the hatch out with the correct color for this car. Once that is all complete, it will take its turn in the booth. The roof, right quarter, hatch and rear bumper will all get fresh paint early next week.

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