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Sentra on the mend

DSCF9449DSCF9450DSCF9454This little Sentra is in the shop to get the left door repaired. Its the result of a parking lot bump up.  A large truck just didnt see the little Sentra and backed right into the door. We used a stud welder to pull that metal back into shape then used a little filler to smooth it all up again. We will be painting this one tomorrow and hopefully it will go home on Friday

Prius is up

DSCF9443DSCF9451DSCF9452DSCF9453This Prius is almost ready for delivery. It was involved in a rear end collisions that smashed the hatch in and completely ripped the bumper off. As you can see here most of it back together and almost ready to go. However when the bumper was ripped off a couple of little clips and specialty screws that hold the bumper on were lost in the accident. We have those parts on order and as soon as they arrive we can install the bumper and this one is ready for the road again.

FJ’s Back

DSCF9457DSCF9455The FJ is back from the metal shop.  After a good long while at the metal shop it is finally structurally sound. This FJ 55 had new rockers, new cab mounts, new patches for the fenders, doors and quarters as well as rear fender well openings replaced while it was away. There was also some rust in the hood repaired as well as in between the upper and lower fender. Most of those parts had to be fabricated but the rockers were available new. Another thing that made this job a little more difficult was that some of these areas that were patched up, had been patched up before. So in most cases on this particular job, all of the old panel was removed to allow for just one patch instead of a patch inside of a patch. This just makes for a nicer job. Now it is our turn to get this awesome piece of Toyota history looking nice again. These things are virtually unstoppable. Our plan is to make it look good while doing it.

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