Daily Archives: July 12, 2016

Hit and run

DSCF9473DSCF9472DSCF9477DSCF9481DSCF9486This Frontier was the victim of a hit and run. The owner was out doing some shopping and came out to a huge dent in his bed. Luckily we know how to fix this. We spent some time with a hammer and dolly working the damaged are out to minimize the amount of filler needed. We then used filler to smooth out the hammer and dolly marks and to fill any low spots still there. We then primed the area with PPG primer. Once that had dried, Cole got to work blocking out the primer and sanding the rest of the panel. Tomorrow this one will get painted early and maybe over to clean up. If all goes well, it should go home on Thursday.

Parking lot derby

DSCF9479DSCF9480DSCF9478DSCF9485This new style Camry is in for a new door skin from a parking lot bump up. The damage on the door was a little too bad to repair so a skin has been installed to ensure a quality repair. Its not too often you get to see what the inside of your door looks like so above is a great shot of the typical door on a newer car. The two round bars are called intrusion beams. The are high strength steal and are the main structure of the door. The outer panel is what was replaced. Tomorrow we will trim out the back side of this door and get it reinstalled on the car and prep the other door and quarter for blending to ensure a good color match.

Shiny Shelby

DSCF9482DSCF9483DSCF9484After a few days of stripe removal and buffing up where they once were, we finally got around to painting the front end on this GT500. The front wasnt really damaged, but there were a few little rock chips and battle scars on there from its time on the road. We have now repaired all of them and its standing tall now. Over the next few days we will start the reassembly process and buff out a few places once the paint is dry enough. Im sure the owner is ready to get back in the hot seat of this ‘Stang but its going to be a few more days.

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