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Camry’s done

DSCF9500DSCF9501This is the Camry that came in to get that left rear door fixed up. After a few days in the shop its ready to roll again.

Clearly, its better

DSCF9495DSCF9493DSCF9496DSCF9498This FJ belongs to the C in JMC. We purchased it last weekend and as you can see its in pretty good shape. But,  and yes thats a big BUT, the roofs on these FJ’s are not clear coated. Well, being that paint is my thing, I thought I would buff it up nice and shiny and put a good coat of polish on there for her to keep that top nice. Thats when tragedy struck. As soon as the buffer hit the paint, it took all of the white off on the ridges of the roof. Sigh. I wasn’t really ready to paint the roof on here but I couldn’t just leave it like that either. Plus, the rack was faded a little and could use some sprucing up. Off to the shop it went. We removed the rack then sanded the roof. Next we masked off the rest of the vehicle and then into the booth. After a few coats of white base coat, I followed that with 2 coats of PPG high solids clear. The next day it was time to paint the rack. Here we used an eggshell black to bring it back to life. The paint on the rest of the vehicle was in nice shape so I had the local car wash guys clay bar it for me then I followed that with a few buffing compounds and a couple coats of hand polish. A whole lot of sweat, not blood and no tears later here is the finished product. The paint really looks deep and has a great gloss now. The roof now will need nothing but a coat of polish twice a year for the rest of its life. I know the wife missed it while it was gone, but its looking great now.

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