Daily Archives: August 9, 2016

Its a block party

DSCF9541DSCF9542DSCF9543We have been having a block party here at the shop this week. We sent this FJ out to have some extensive metal work. New cab mounts, rockers, rear wheel arches and various other patches here and there. Most of those parts are not made anymore and not available from the aftermarket so they had to be fabricated. We started blocking some of the body work out on the lower parts of the FJ. This was done to show us the high and low spots that we will need to fill. Next Cole spent a bit of time sanding the rest of the panels to show other places that will need attention. Stay tuned this FJ Cruiser will be an awesome project.

The home stretch


This Prius was dropped off a couple of weeks ago to get the front end repaired from a fender bender. The damage wasn’t too extensive but it did require some frame repair and a few structure parts replaced up front. We got it back from the frame shop yesterday and got right to work on it. We repaired the damage on the car yesterday and had it ready for paint this morning. Paul painted it first thing and we were putting it back together by late afternoon. All thats really left now is to get it cleaned up and a new pinstripes on the fenders put on. By late morning, this Prius will be back home with its owner who I hear has a very busy weekend and has been missing her car terribly.

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