Daily Archives: August 17, 2016

Vandalism victim

DSCF9571DSCF9572DSCF9573DSCF9576DSCF9577DSCF9578DSCF9581DSCF9580The owner of the FJ was out for dinner last week and the way home was the victim of vandalism. Its believed that a handful of rocks were thrown from someone off the side of the highway and hit the vehicle as she was driving. There are several rock chips in the windshield and hood that have to be repaired and a new windshield is on tap for tomorrow. Here you can see we did go ahead with the body repairs as well as getting them painted. Reassembly and new windshield happens tomorrow.

Come together

DSCF9561DSCF9562DSCF9563This is the Ghia that had was nailed by the run away golf cart. As you can see the paint and body work came out really nice. We do have this one all back together now and its ready to head home.

Gotta split

DSCF9566DSCF9567DSCF9568DSCF9569DSCF9570DSCF9574DSCF9575The owner of this Mercedes dropped her car off to get this terrible looking split in the bumper fixed. She just picked this one up a few weeks ago and just couldnt bare to ride around with the split in the bumper. We removed the bumper and ground down all the area around the split. We then used products from SEM corporation to repair the bumper. Technology has come a long long way as far as glues and epoxy’s go for fixing plastic parts. Once the repair area was fixed, a few coats of primer was sprayed on the damaged area. We then sanded and prepped the bumper for paint. Thats where Paul took over and laid down a nice red base followed by a few good coats of PPG clear. The owner also dropped off her new front plate so we installed that for her as well. Its all back together now and ready for the last few weeks of summer.

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