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Headlight restoration

DSCF9527DSCF9528DSCF9529DSCF9531DSCF9533DSCF9532This Honda Pilot is in the shop to get the headlights restored. As you can see in the first picture, the lights were looking pretty bad.  Not only does this look bad, but it also limits the amount of light that hits the road. Its caused from the sun’s UV rays. Its actually rotting the plastic lens. What we do is sand all of the decay off and try to get it down to good clean plastic again. You can see this in the 3rd picture. The 4th and 5th picture shows the finished results. The last image shows the new LED bulbs we installed for the owner. The LED’s are on the right (as on your screen) the left is the factory bulb. Quite a bit of difference. This combination should help her see better at night.

Yet another, hit and run


DSCF9522DSCF9521DSCF9523This cool little Corrola was the victim of a hit and run. Unfortunately, this is a brand new car. The owner just got it a couple of months ago and after years of parking in the same space, he got hit in his new ride. As you can see, it did a little body damage but nothing that can’t be fixed. We started by using the stud gun to pull out the low areas. This makes the repair nice by not needing to use as much filler.  We then tapped down the high spots and prepped the damage for filler. Once that was nice and smooth, we masked off the areas for primer. Tomorrow we plan on blocking out the primer and getting some color on it.

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