Daily Archives: September 14, 2016

Oh no!

dscf9612Watch out for those run away buggies at the grocery story. The owner of this brand NEW Camaro came out of the store to find quite a bit of damage on his Camaro from a shopping cart. As you can see we have removed all necessary parts to ensure a quality job and repaired the damage. Tomorrow we will get this one prepped and in the booth for a new coat of yellow.

All shined up

dscf9616dscf9615This is the results of the Freshen up post from yesterday. The paint job turned out very nice. Now with a base coat clear coat finish, the owner will not have that dry, chalky, dull paint anymore. We even did a headlight restoration on this one to make it safer at night and help with the appearance. We did get most of this one put back together today and should finish up the reassembly tomorrow.

Looking like new

dscf9613dscf9614Here we have the Soul all painted up and ready for assembly. It really turned out nice. We did notice though a small part damaged from the accident that was missed. The rear reinforcement bar has a broken tab on it. The new one is on order and should arrive Friday morning. We have the bumper built and ready to go back on as soon as that part arrives. The owner should be back in her car just in time for the weekend.

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