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Looking like new

dscf9613dscf9614Here we have the Soul all painted up and ready for assembly. It really turned out nice. We did notice though a small part damaged from the accident that was missed. The rear reinforcement bar has a broken tab on it. The new one is on order and should arrive Friday morning. We have the bumper built and ready to go back on as soon as that part arrives. The owner should be back in her car just in time for the weekend.

Freshen up

dscf9610dscf9609This Camry is in the shop to get a freshened up paint job. The finish on the white cars sometimes dies and looses its luster. Well, we are here to bring it back to life. We started by removing the door handles, mirrors and bumpers. We painted the bumpers yesterday and the body today. We did get the clear coat applied today but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the results. We also hope to get the bumpers back together and back on tomorrow. With a little luck the owner will be back in her newly painted Camry by the weekend.

bumper bumping

dscf9607dscf9608dscf9611So, this Kia is in the shop to get a small bump up repaired. We will be replacing the center of the rear bumper and repairing the left corner part and the lower part of the hatch. As you can see here, Cole has removed the rear bumper and started the repair on the hatch. The bent part of the hatch was hammered back out to its original shape then filler was applied to straighten out the outside of the hatch.  The bumper corner has also been sanded and ready for primer. We expect the parts to be in tomorrow. The hatch and bumper end was primed before we left today and we plan on getting it painted tomorrow as well.

The Doors

DSCF9606DSCF9602DSCF9604DSCF9605We have been working on the Ghia this week and are making some headway. The doors are pretty much done. We got the new  metal lip for the window scrapers replaced. The original lip was almost totally rusted away. All of the body work is complete on the doors. The only thing left to do is to sand the inside jambs before they get the final priming. We have also been working on wrapping up the welding. The big rust patch on the quarter was taken care of on Friday and will just need a tad more attention before we start straightening it. Meanwhile on the right side, the dents in the right fender are underway and the door jamb work on the right side is coming along as well. Next on the list is to get the doors in primer and keep plugging along on the body work.

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