Daily Archives: October 19, 2016

Still plugging along

dscf9710dscf9711dscf9707dscf9708dscf9709We have been putting in some time on the Ghia this week as well. We have the front signals filled in and all smoothed up. We also welded in a new piece at the right front corner of the hood. There was a hole there where the nose, fender and hood meet. We have decided that the lower front center section is just too thin to try to keep welding up. Last week a new piece was ordered for that, you can see it in the last picture. We will end up cutting some of that off and only use what we really have to. We will also be ordering up the early round style front turn signals to replace the large rectangle ones we removed. We also continued the body work and sanding over the rest of the car. This process seems to take for ever but its very important to be sure we get the body as straight as possible to ensure quality results.

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