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Ready to go

IMG_4289 IMG_4290 IMG_4292 IMG_4293Ahh. The ’67 is finished. We buffed it up last week and Friday we put the final polish on it. The owner was very pleased with it when he came to pick it up late Friday afternoon. So pleased in fact, that he plans on dropping off his next project in a few months, a 1966 Ford Fairlane.

Mirror like finish

IMG_4285 IMG_4286 IMG_4287 IMG_4288This Chevelle was painted last a couple of weeks ago. This week was time to get ultra fine sandpaper out and to make this a High Performance Finish. Jordan and Chris started with 1000 grit paper to make the clear smooth and flat. Once that was complete the same steps were performed with 2000 and 3000 grit paper. Which is where pick up with these pictures. Chris has started buffing the body out. This will take 3 different steps with 3 different compounds and 3 different pads. He did get all of the first step complete today. I will pick up tomorrow with step 2. With each step the shine gets deeper and deeper. A final hand polish will put the finishing touches on the body.

Paint day

IMG_4243IMG_4242IMG_4241IMG_4240IMG_4248IMG_4246IMG_4249Friday we painted the Chevelle. Since the engine was in and the frame was painted, we had to take special precautions to keep over spray off them. We bagged the bottom of the car and wrapped it over the engine. Then, a few pieces of paper over the windows and doors finished up the masking. Once it was all prepped up, a coat of sealer, three coats of color and three coats of clear rounded up this paint job. As you can see from these pictures, it turned out pretty good.


100_1043 IMG_4157 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4150The past few days Chris has been working diligently on the doors and fenders for the ’67 Chevelle. We painted these parts a few weeks ago and now its time to go the extra mile for the High Performance Finish. We started by blocking these panels out with 1000 grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth flat surface. We then switched to 2000 grit paper to make the buffing a little easier. Then 3000 on a dual action sander to speed the buffing process up even more. These extra steps are what it takes to provide our customers with the ultimate in gloss and depth. Just take a look for yourself.

Get your shine on

IMG_4050 IMG_4052 IMG_4053 IMG_4055 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4040 IMG_4041 IMG_4044 IMG_4043 IMG_4047 IMG_4048 IMG_4049This is the ’67 Chevelle that we started on last week. This week we were able to get the doors trimmed out, the hood and trunk trimmed out and the top of them painted. Tomorrow we plan on painting the tops of the door tomorrow. Jordan spent some time today wet sanding the hood, so we also will try to get the hood and trunk buffed out. As with all of our High Performance Finishes, we start by applying a coat of urethane sealer. This seals up panel and makes a uniform surface for the paint. Once the sealer was dry, we painted the parts with black base coat. After the base coat went on, we applied two coats to the inside of parts and three to outside parts that will get buffed. We put an extra coat on those parts because of the amount of material that will get removed when buffed. We should post some pictures of that tomorrow or sometime over the weekend.

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