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This Chevrolet C10 Custom-Rod is the highest end job we have done to date. This was the last job we did where we did most of the work in house and began to partner with other businesses, but we went out with a bang. This truck wins multiple awards in every show it enters. When someone wants to see a High Performance Finish, this is the vehicle I point to.

Strutting her stuff

This picture, taken at the annual Hot-Rod show in Greensboro, is a little dark. This truck is so black the only light source in the world bright enough to properly light it is the sun.

Nevertheless, you can see it is a real show winner … and it was.

It’s baaaack …

After leaving the JMC AutoworX shops for the installation of the interior, the C10 came back for some final spit and polish before its debut at the Shriner Hot-Rod show in Greensboro.

I put a lot of sweat, and a little blood, if no tears, in this project and I think it is some of my best work to date. I am very pleased and quite proud of how it turned out and I expect it to do well at the shows in the area.

The interior lives up to the exterior in every way with custom seats, door panels, center console and finished bed. And every bit of it, including the bed, dripping in leather.  You open the door of the truck and the smell … mmmm … nothing like the smell of quality leather.

Come see what I think is one of the nicest trucks around, this weekend, at the JMC AutoworX booth at the Shriner Hot-Rod show in the Greensboro Coliseum.

See you there.

We got show … we got go … and we got whoa

The truck left the shop today, headed to the upholster. We were in a dead race to see if we could get the wheels, some really nice Foose wheels, back from the tire shop and on the truck before the transporter came to pick the truck up. We made it, but not by much.

The first picture was actually taken a little earlier in the build, when the front suspension was installed. The second was taken today while waiting on the wheels.

As you can see, this truck has some serious whoa to compliment all that go because going is optional … but stopping is mandatory.

Gotta dash

This truck is fitted with all new gauges in a custom dash. The interesting thing is the company I purchased the panel from made a brushed finished dash, a polished dash and a brushed black anodized dash … but no polished black anodized dash. I spoke to the manufacture and asked if they could make me a polished black anodized dash and after some hemming and hawing, they agreed to give it a try. After many nail biting weeks, the dash panels arrived and they looked great!

I think they are going to add them to their catalog, but this truck got the very first one.

Listen to that baby roar!

Today we finally heard the truck run for the first time. That engine is healthy and the sound is enough to give a guy chills.

Check out the radiator on this thing. That is a hand made radiator that is capable of handling up to 750 horsepower. You could let this thing idle in the middle of the Sahara dessert at noon, with the air conditioning on, and it wouldn’t over heat.

Bedtime … Part III

Another week and a little more progress. Now the bed is installed but I had to remove the fenders for better access to the engine bay. We don’t want to bang up the beautiful new fenders now do we?

We are getting close to finishing now, but time is running out. We need to get this project wrapped up so it can go out for an interior. We have a late January deadline to meet and the interior guy will have my head if I leave him only a couple of weeks to do his work.


Now, finally, this C10 is starting to look like a truck again. The cab is on and the fenders are installed.

The motor is under the drop-cloth to protect it from being marred as we wrestled the cab into place.

You low down …

This C10 is going to be down in the weeds. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask a Dr. for a second opinion. Dr. Pepper that is.

By the way, you may have noticed the engine is in. That engine is a brute, a built 350 making in excess of 400 horsepower, so this truck is going to have a lot of Go along with its show.

Up on its feet

The ol’ girl is finally up on her own feet.

The front and rear suspension is in and some temporary wheels and tires have been installed so we can move her around the shop a little easier.

We still have a long way to go, but not has far as we did when we started.

Say cheese!

The signature of the High Performance Finish is the razor sharp reflections. Any new paint finish, when  properly applied, will shine, but extra care has to be taken to get that mirror like gloss.

Take this truck bed as an example.  Sure, the custom fuel filler door and the exhaust cutout in front of the wheel well are nice touches, but what really jumps out is the liquid like finish. You might not notice if the fuel door and exhaust exit were not done, but you surely would notice if the paint were merely average.

I do see one flaw in the second picture though … have I really lost that much hair?

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