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Working the curves

IMG_3205 IMG_3199 IMG_3209 IMG_3206We got back on the Mustang pretty good today. We spent a good portion of time on the body work. We were able to get the dents fixed in the body and all of the parts sanded. We were also able to get a little bit of priming done. When we primed the CRV, the fender and the hood from this car were also ready. So, we went ahead and primed then too. Tomorrow we plan on priming the rear bumper, the body and the other fender. The rear bumper was in good shape with the exception of the spider webbing cracks in the paint. This comes from minor bump ups. It doesnt damage the bumper, but the paint cant flex as much as the plastic in the bumper can so it cracks. We had to remove every one of those cracks so the cracks would not show in the new paint. IMG_3200 IMG_3201

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