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Time to shine

DSCF8666 DSCF8665 DSCF8664 DSCF8673 DSCF8672 DSCF8671 DSCF8670 DSCF8663The Cobra had some time in the booth this afternoon, or at least parts of it did. We like to paint cars apart then re-assemble them once its all complete. This way we can paint all of the edges of the parts and it also greatly reduces the chance of peeling paint because of the difficulty in sanding the gaps between parts. So you can see the bumpers, bottom of the hood, mirrors and side scoops are all black and nice and shiny. We also were able to get the car tapped up and it will go in the booth tomorrow morning for its time to shine.

Etching the Mustang

DSCF8161 DSCF8165 DSCF8166The Mustang has under gone some transformations today. We had to strip all the paint off the door and quarter because of a previous repair that failed. So to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, we properly treated the metal with an etching primer followed by a urethane primer. The etching primer bites into the metal and the urethane primer bites to the etching primer. The urethane primer offers us a nice sandable finish to apply our sealers and paints that will come next week. While we were priming, Paul also sprayed some primer on the repaired dented areas as well. Tomorrow we plan on sanding this one and getting it washed up and ready for paint.

Make over Sally

DSCF8150 DSCF8151The Mustang is moving along. Today Paul finished stripping off the bad paint thats on the left quarter and left door. He also fixed a few dents and sanded the body all over. Tomorrow we will have to remove the side scoops and quarter sail panel covers. Once that is all done, we will put it in the booth to get some quality primer on the bare metal parts. We will take the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen with our repair. A few more days with this kind of progress and Sally will be back on the streets again, but looking a whole lot younger.

Uh oh

DSCF8123 DSCF8126 DSCF8129This Cobra is in the shop to get a fresh new paint job. Unfortunately, the left quarter, left door and rear bumper  have been repaired before. As you can see the quality of work is bad. For some reason, who ever repaired it, stripped the paint off of the panels. Im not sure why this was done because the paint on the rest of the car is in great shape. Also, this wouldnt have been a problem had they taken the proper steps on priming the bare metal before they painted it. So this means we will have to remove all of the paint on these panels to ensure a quality job. Here you can see that most of the paint was scrapped off with a razor scraper and the paint on the bumper came off with a blower. Most of the car is disassembled now and the paint is off of these panels completely now. We will continue to work on this one as the week goes on and hopefully get it back white next week.

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