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Not everything that come into the shop for repair has been in a collision.

Back in the game

DSCF0356DSCF0359DSCF0357DSCF0360This Tundra came in to get its paint freshened up a bit. It it several years old and had seen some off road time so the owner wanted to make it nice again. We disassembled right much of it and sanded it all down. We sprayed a few coats of the factory color and couple coats of clear to bring the Tundra back to life. Once everything was dry, we did a spray in bedliner and reassembled it. Here you can see it all complete and ready for pick up.


DSCF0327DSCF0326DSCF0325DSCF0319DSCF0318DSCF0321DSCF0320DSCF0328DSCF0329DSCF0330DSCF0331DSCF0342DSCF0332This Tundra is in the shop to get fresh coat of paint. With all of the off roading stickers on here, Im going to assume that this rig has seen a few miles in the woods but now its time to straighten out a few of those dings and scratches and make this thing shine again. We started by removing the bed the handles the mirrors and various other parts from the truck. In trying not to get too out of hand on this one, we didnt completely disassemble the truck like we would for a higher end job, but the finished product will still look pretty good. We then repaired a few dents, installed a new left fender and started sanding the rest of the truck. Since we had the bed ready first, it went on into the booth for painting. We will also be doing a spray in bedliner on here next week. We painted the front of the truck today but didnt get an pictures of it in clear. You will have to wait to see that next week when its all wrapped up.


DSCF9415DSCF9414DSCF9413This awesome ’63 Grand Prix is in the shop to get a couple of patches replaced in the quarters. Someone did a wonderful job restoring this car several years ago but like everything, nothing lasts forever. We will be fixing up a few places and painting the bad places back up nice and shiny to keep this lead sled on the road for a few more years.

Back in black

DSCF9412Here is the final results on Chevy truck. All evidence of the handle bar scratch is gone and its all back shiny again. The customer we very pleased and happy to get his truck back.

On hot summer day..

DSCF9379DSCF9378DSCF9384DSCF9385DSCF9386DSCF9387We have been working on a trailer for our local John Deere business this week. They asked if we could freshen up one of their haulers for them so we obliged. We started by sanding the trailer and removing all the decals. Once that was done it was thoroughly washed. Once it had time to dry back out, we slid it in the booth and masked off the areas that we didnt want to paint. We then applied a coat of epoxy sealer then followed that up with 2 coats of the infamous John Deere green. Its ready now for a few more years of service and looking good while doing it.

Lead sled

DSCF9222DSCF9224We had the joy this week of working on this blast from the past. Its a ’51 Mercury, chopped and lowered with over 500 cubic inches of old school power. A few paint touch ups here and there and this beauty was back on the road. What a great looking car.

Hot Rod Expo

They have released the dates for the Hot Rod Expo in Greensboro. If you can, come on out its a great show. Lots of hot rods and the proceeds  benefit the children’s hospital. We will be there with 4 cars, one of which has never been shown there before. Hope to see you there. 


JMC is going green

DSCF8836 DSCF8837 DSCF8840 Phew!  This thing is massive. The longer we painted the bigger it got. This is about a 25 year old Deere that had a cab fire. The local Deere dealership replaced the cab with a new one, but the new paint against the old just didnt look too good. The owner of the tractor asked us to make it look a little nicer, so of course, we obliged. The first thing we did was clean it and sand it, then we cleaned it again. Today we pulled it in and sprayed a couple of coats of John Deere green. Tomorrow we will paint the wheels. No, not our normal forte’ but if it needs paint on it, we handle it.

Its clear

DSCF8167 DSCF8169 DSCF8171 DSCF8179 DSCF8185 DSCF8187This is a close up look at our head light restoration process. As you can see the head light in the Suzuki is looking pretty bad. First thing we do is remove the light. Next we sand the light to remove all of the old yellow dead plastic. Once the sanding is complete, we make sure all the edges are sanded by using a scuff pad and a cleaner on the light. When its dry, we set it up in the booth and prep it for paint. We mask off the areas that dont get painted to do a neat and clean job. We have a special process we perform with proper materials to ensure the clear coat sticks to the plastic.  Once that step is complete, we use high quality clear coat on the lights to bring the clear look back. Once the clear is dry, we reinstall the lights into the car. This is the best method I have seen to restore these plastic lights. There are other methods that work, but they must be performed several times a year to stay on top of it. Once this process is done, you can expect years and years of service out of them.

14 carat gold

DSCF8104 DSCF8112 DSCF8113 DSCF8117 DSCF8115The Lexus has had its day in the booth and the results are fantastic. Once the areas that needed repair were primed in and sanded, the entire car was washed before entering the booth. We masked off the areas that did not get painted, then Paul went to work laying down a few coats of color followed by 2 coats of clear. Tomorrow we will put the bumpers in and Paul will get those painted while Chris and I reassemble the rest of the car. Once the bumpers are dry, they will be installed and back to the owner just in time for the weekend.

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