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Christmas gift ideas

CloudyClearIMG_5047Looking for a neat gift idea? How about getting the those yellowed, un-safe head lights fixed for someone? Our process actually FIXES the problem, not just corrects it for a few weeks. What about a spray in bed liner? We do those too. Another idea could be to get those scratches, dents and dings repaired in your spouse’ car. We are also a retailer for Ace It polish, which makes a great stocking stuffer. We are limited to the supply on hand for the Ace It. Give us a call, email or message us for any questions.

I’m board

These cornhole boards, which I had wrapped for my business, were made for me by Chris Council. They are well made, look good, and are ACA (American Cornhole Association) compliant to boot.

You can talk to Chris about  your own cornhole boards by sending him an email. Be sure to tell him you found him on the JMC AutoworX site so he knows where you got his email address.

And if you are going to play, you might as well play by the rules. The official rules of cornhole can be found here.

Let’s wrap this up

Creative without strategy is called “art.” Creative with strategy is called “advertising.” … Jef I. Richards

In the rough and tumble, cut-throat world of business, getting recognized is half the battle. Over the past year or so I have been toiling away on that. I’ve created this humble blog you are so generously reading. I have started to become a sponsor of some of the local car shows and cruise ins. And I have been fortunate … business has been steadily growing.

Now I am adding another arrow to my advertising quiver. My shop truck, a very nice but nearly invisible Toyota Tundra, is no longer quite so nondescript. A splash of color, some graphics, a small lift and a standout wheel and tire package, and my shop truck has become a rolling bill-board.

I have had the JMC AutoworX 1960 Karmann Ghia for some time now, but I can’t always take it around to show it off. Take today for example. Cold and wet … not the best weather for driving a car with no top. But now, even with the Ghia ensconced in the garage, the message is still going out.

The first picture shows the truck before the transformation. A great truck to be sure, but it is lost in a sea of other vehicles on the road. The next three photos show the truck as it stands today. Not quite so easy to miss now, eh?

The graphic shows a typical auto painters paint gun spraying down the side of the truck in electric blue bands. Behind the blue is a honeycomb pattern over a black high-tech looking background. Overlaying all that is my logo, a bit about what I do, and around back is the website. I even through in a QR code just to show how hip I am.

The truck came out better than I imagined it would … but I think I might have to give up my aspirations to be a bank robber. My get away vehicle … it won’t be hard to remember now.

I hope.

#(*^}%$ scratch!

Did you know that JMC AutoworX offers PPG paint in a convenient touchup bottle? It’s true, and because it is PPG you know the paint is the same high quality paint that I spray on every car, truck, SUV or motorcycle that enters the JMC AutoworX shop.

Each 1oz bottle contains a mixing marble and an application brush in the child proof cap. Just shake the bottle victoriously for a few minutes, twist open the lid, and you are ready to cover that unsightly scratch or rock chip. But getting the right paint is only part of the solution when repairing a chip. Knowing how to apply the paint is just as important.

For best results touchup paint should be applied sparingly and in several coats. Don’t just slather it on … a light touch is required. After making sure the area is clean and dry, shake the bottle for one or two minutes to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed.

Open the bottle and wipe the brush on the lip until most of the paint is removed. Lightly draw the brush along the scratch or touch it to the chip. A small amount of paint should be left behind. If no paint was left the brush was too dry and you will need to try again. If you can still see the scratch or chip after the paint is applied that is okay. It is far better to apply two, three, four or more thin coats of paint than one thick coat. For really small chips, try using a toothpick in place of the brush for better control.

Wait a couple of minutes for the paint just applied to dry slightly, then repeat the process. The idea is to build the paint up by applying several coats of paint until the new paint reaches the same thickness as the surrounding paint. Once the chip or scratch is covered, simply seal the bottle tightly for the next use. Once the touchup paint is thoroughly dry no special care is required for the repair to last the life of the car.

A bottle of touchup paint is provided with every paint repair but bottles are also available for purchase for only $9.95.

Don’t forget to Ace it!

Don’t forget that Ace it! car polish is available at JMC AutoworX. This stuff is simply amazing and is quite possibly the best and easiest polish I have ever used … and I’ve used just about them all. Ace it! is the only polish we use in the shop and is the polish I use on my own vehicles and boat.

Ace it! is so quick and easy to use you can polish your vehicle in just minutes. Using Ace it! I can polish a full sized Toyota Tundra in less than 15 minutes or a Honda Accord in about 10 minutes. Simply spray it on, wipe with a cloth, flip the cloth over and wipe away. It really is that easy.

One 16oz bottle will polish a Honda Accord about 20 times. Use it on you car, truck, boat or motorcycle. Ace it! is safe for all auto finishes, plus it works on windows, rubber trim, even the dash. This polish dries clear and doesn’t build up in cracks, so no more struggling to remove wax from around emblems other hard to clean places. It also works great on Harley motors as it is will not turn the black parts of  the motor and inner primaries white.

I believe in the product so much that I give a bottle away with every High Performance Finish so the owner can keep the paint looking its best.

Ace it! sells for $19.95 for a 16oz bottle.

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