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New name … same great service

Murphy Rod & Custom is no more. Say hello to Throwback Custom Cars.

Kelly Murphy and his son Josh have partnered up and expanded their operation under the name Throwback Custom Cars. Same great fabrication services, but a new name and a larger facility. And closer to my shop to boot, which is a plus.

Check out their new site by clicking on the link to the right.

JMC AutoworX will be closed Thanksgiving

JMC AutoworX will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 22nd and 23rd, for Thanksgiving. We will reopen Monday, November 26th, to serve your auto body repair needs.

Help! The cars! They’re closing in!

We had a good day in the shop. We primed a couple of spots on the El Camino. An Hyundai arrived with a dinged up rear bumper. We are wet sanding and polishing a 1969 Mustang, one of our previous High Performance Finish, cars to bring the shine back up after some trees left some kind of film on the paint.

But you won’t see any of that today … because I can’t get to the (censored) camera! The camera is laying way over on the other side of the shop on the tool box … and as you can see, it is wall-to-wall cars in there today. There is even one in the paint booth. The paint isn’t wet … I just didn’t have anyplace else to park one.

I wasn’t ready to start crawling over cars to get it, so the pictures we took today will go up tomorrow. Today … I will have to make do with this one taken with my cell phone.

Old dog … meet new tricks

Though I’m sure a lot was accomplished in the shop today, I wasn’t there to get pictures. Today I spent my entire day in Asheboro renewing my PPG certification. This is something I do every two years.

The PPG certification program is designed to make sure that certified technicians (that’s me!) are up-to-date with advancements in products, application procedures, equipment, and environmental, health and safety issues. In other words, the technician is trained by PPG in the proper use of their paints and equipment to ensure that you receive the highest quality repair possible.

By being able to display the PPG Certification, it is tangible evidence that you are receiving the finest in auto body repair.

So long, old friend

After failing to complete this truck, and no time in sight available to work on it, I finally asked Kelly Murphy of Murphy Rod & Custom to bail me out. The truck is painted but not fully assembled. It still needs some finishing work on the mechanical side, things like hooking up the brakes and steering column, along with a few other items.

Today Kelly came and picked the truck up to take back to his shop to finish the assembly work so the owner, who has been very patient with me, can have his truck back.

This truck, along with another car that came into the shop later, taught me a very valuable business lesson. That lesson is that you can do everything and you need to partner with other businesses … say like Murphy Rod & Custom … to do the things you can’t do yourself.

JMC AutoworX is open for business

Refreshed after our three-day weekend, JMC AutoworX is open and ready to server your auto body repair needs.

JMC AutoworX is closed

JMC AutoworX is closed today so that I may spend the last unofficial day of summer with my family. Please enjoy your Labor Day holiday safely.

Welcome EG-6

This is our new Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center. This handy little device will make it so much easier to service air conditioning systems on damaged cars because we can now do all the service in-house.

But really, Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center? That’s quite a mouth full. “Quick, someone bring me the Snap-on ECOPlus Air Conditioning Service Center!” Nope, I don’t think that is going to work.

I hereby dub thee … EG-6.

JMC AutoworX will be closed

Monday, September 3rd, JMC AutoworX will be closed for Labor Day. We will reopen Tuesday, September 4th to server you.

Everybody get out there and enjoy the last unofficial day of summer, but do it safely. As much as I would like to have your business, I don’t want anyone hurt.

JMC AutoworX is open for business

JMC AutoworX is open for business. I am back from my annual vacation refreshed and ready to go.

Let’s get to work.

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