Out darned scratch

Out darned scratch

DSCF7155DSCF7159DSCF7160Long time readers may remember this Durango. It was in the shop a while back to get some scratches repaired. Well its back for the same thing. We started by sanding out the scratches using a dual action sander and 180 grit sand paper. Once these were smoothed up, we switched to 320 grit paper and sanded around the 180 areas. Chris then masked off the areas that he did not want to get over spray on then primed it. While the primer was drying, we removed the mirror, handles, ect. for a nice job. Once the primer was dry, we blocked out the primer to ensure we kept a flat straight panel. We then sanded the rest of the side with 600 grit paper. Once that was completed, we used a scotch brite and scuff stuff to prep the rest of the panel for paint. We followed that up with a wash to make masking the panels cleaner and neater. Tomorrow we will get this on painted.

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