Head-lamp Restoration

There are four systems on your car that are critical to your driving safety … tires, brakes, wipers and head-lamps.

It is readily apparent when your tires, brakes or wipers need replacing. Brakes make squealing noises when they need replacing. When your wipers smear and you can’t see in the rain then you know the wiper blades need to be replaced. When tires become noisy, slick and hydroplane in the rain, that is a clear indication they are worn and in need of replacing. But head-lamps degrade so slowly, taking years to go from clear to cloudy, most people don’t even realize how poorly their head-lamps are functioning compared to when their car was new.

Modern cars, those that don’t use the old-fashioned sealed beam type head-lamps, use a polycarbonate plastic that degrades over time without proper care. Attacked by road grit, acid rain and the sun’s UV rays, the clear plastic turns yellow, cloudy and opaque, reducing the amount of light transmitted onto the road by the bulb. Allowed to continue the polycarbonate can degrade to the point the vehicle will no longer pass inspection. But more importantly, if the light from the head-lamps is significantly reduced your vision at night is impaired putting you at increased risk. After all, you can’t avoid what you can’t see. Good for my business but not good for you.

There are a lot of consumer products available to restore cloudy head-lamps, and most of them will work as long as the head-lamp isn’t badly damaged. But if you don’t have the time or inclination, or if the head-lamp is very badly pitted or damaged by the environment, JMC AutoworX can help. At JMC AutoworX We offer two types of restorations.

For the basic restoration we carefully wet-sand the lenses to remove the deteriorated plastic, then using the same process we use to produce our mirror like High Performance Finish we polish the lens until they are clear.

If you select our deluxe restoration the head-lamps are sanded as in our basic restoration but then the head-lamps are coated with the same super-hard clear coat we use when painting a car. The clear coat seals the head-lamps preventing the lenses from yellowing or discoloring again.

Both our basic and deluxe restorations return the lenses to a like new clear, allowing your head-lamps to operating with peak efficiency, but the deluxe service offers additional protection preventing future discoloration or yellowing.

If your head-lamps are cloudy, yellow or opaque, come by and let JMC AutoworX show you how we can make a clear difference in the performance of your car, truck or SUV’s head-lamps.

Restoration prices start at $89.00 for our basic service, or $189.00 for our deluxe service, for most applications.

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