Spray-in Bed-liner (& more)

Have you just purchased a new truck and are looking for a way to protect the inside of the bed from the scrapes, bumps and bruises that always seem to occur, no matter how careful you are? Wish you had any easy to clean, no rust surface inside your Jeep? Looking for a coating to protect your street rod or custom car? JMC AutoworX and U-POL can help.

Using U-POL’s Raptor bedliner you can protect your investment without any loss of style. This is not some thick, black, heavy-duty coating like on a work truck. The U-POL Raptor liner is thinner, only the thickness of two credit cards, and can be tinted to any color to complement your truck. If you want to protect the bed of your truck from light duty hauling, such as moving appliances or the occasional trip to the lumber yard, Raptor simply kills the competition.

The Raptor liner is so versatile it can be used from more than a bedliner.

The Raptor liner is a popular choice for those that want an easy to clean interior for their Jeep or truck. Just spray the Raptor liner over clean metal and mud can be simply washed out without ever worrying about rust, and we can color the coating to complement the interior. Perfect for the hardcore off-roader.

The Raptor liner can also be a great addition to your custom car. Spray the Raptor liner on the inside of the fender wells and have lasting waterproof, rust proof protection. Not only does it protect from rust, but also now the underside can be (almost) as nice as the outside. With the Raptor liner’s excellent sound deadening properties, application to Street Rod pans provides not only protection, but a quieter ride as well.

The U-POL Raptor liner is available from $395 for most truck beds. Other applications are priced individually.

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