Tail-lamp Lens Tinting

Using only the best PPG basecoats and clearcoats, we can now tint the tail-lamps, side marker lights and reflectors of your car or truck for a unique look. We offer our tinting in several shades, from very light to quite dark, and can color the tint to match the color of your car.

By using a special paint mixture the tail-lamps appear dark but still allow light from the tail-lamp to shine through with minimal reduction in brightness. The light reduction from the tail-lamp will range from 5% to 20%, depending on the darkness of the applied tint and the design and brightness of the tail-lamp.

This is not a film or spray can application, but a true professional quality product. The lenses require no special care; simply wash and wax the tail-lamps along with the rest of the car and the tint will remain smooth and shiny for many years.

Prices start at $139.95 for most cars and trucks and can normally be completed in one business day.

While there appears to be no specific law that restricts the modification of tail-lamps, North Carolina statues do state that the light must be plainly visible to other drivers. JMC AutoworX accepts no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any tickets or accidents that may occur with our tinted tail-lamps.

You may search the North Carolina statues here.

The relevant section can be found here.

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